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At that time we had 3 choices for immigration: Australia, South Africa and Canada. We decided on Canada because it was closer and a return trip to Germany would have been less expensive. It also seemed more interesting than the other two countries. Our first house in Canada was a farmhouse 2 km outside of Bowmanville. That evening, my Dad had bought some "Canadian sliced white bread", which was something new for us, which he made extra special by buttering the bread and sprinkling sugar on top Doris Peter, Margaret Burt, and others in Toronto, It is okay to cry.

Missing home is normal. Matt Evans Halifax, NS. It takes a lot of humility. I invite you to find refuge in love, and share who you are. In we bought our first house in West Vancouver. Heidi Hart on board the S. Beaverbrae, March I came to Canada to visit my uncle and it didn't take me long to fall in love with this great Nation after stepping off the airport.

The air, the environment, the people, the culture and the lively vibe of the city, things I have never experienced before. My father fled Romania in while my mother was pregnant with me. He was captured in Yugoslavia and spent time in prison there before being accepted as a refugee in Canada. It was two years before my mother, older sister and I were all able to join him. My family chose Calgary because they had Romanian friends in the city. The adjustment was difficult for them having to leave behind their friends, family, good jobs and the sense of security that comes from being surrounded by people who understood their native language and shared a culture with them.

I am in awe of their bravery, positivity and resilience. My sister and I have both gone to school, gotten married and made lives for ourselves here in Canada. I am so grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to bring us here! I'm proud of my new country Canada, because of the culture, diversity positive people; it feels like home away from home. Now that I think about it, I feel very happy and grateful to live in Canada.

Canada feels like home.

It was a nervous and exciting experience to enter the new world with lots of hopes and countless confusions. The confusion was how will this country be for us, is it worth leaving everything back, the settled life, luxury and employment to face an unknown world of no one known to us. Going through rigorous immigration procedures and exploring the city to get the PR card, SIN card, opening bank accounts, housing and schooling relying on the internet and immigration flyers was an amazing experience, the smooth completion of all these procedures made us understand that Canada is no more a land of unknown.

We are a diverse family here living in harmony. People here are very warm and friendly offering every help they could. Government trying its best for quick settlement of immigrants and strengthening the ties of humanity is highly commendable. Now we feel we are in the land of our own. When we passed customs and boarded the train they gave us two loafs of bread. Not knowing what it was I used it to play accordion as it was soft and flexible.. I would bring my family album, learn more about my country so I can share with my new Canadian Family. The light of the bright moon illuminated the cemetery walls.

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At this point my eyes were dimmed with tears. I kissed my son on the forehead and I whispered. Crowds of immigrants being processed, long train journey to Toronto. Arrived 7 am. This was Made lots of friends, worked hard, joined in everything Canada had to offer. We moved to B. Parksville 18 yrs. My husband passed away 4 yrs.

My mother assured him that we only had personal belongings and oil and cheese, he marked the trunks with a check mark and away we went on the train. My brother still talks about the wonderful soft white bread buns that were served — they were so delicious.

I once said "Mom, you were so brave to come to Canada as a war bride. Doppenberg family on board the M. Ryndam, Having been brought up with hard crusty bread we found the loaf we bought extremely soft with a strange smell that has remained with us ever since. We never ate that bread nor have we ever consumed that bread since our settling in Canada My brother was waiting for me in the airport, so.

Digging Deep to Start a New Life In the California Gold Rush

It was nice to see him after 17 years and then we came here and I got sick because it was so cold, and yeah that was one of the happiest day in my life, I think. And I never forget the day. We feel lucky that they are all growing up in the most wonderful country in the world. I will always remember where I came from but it is who I am now that matters. I have no recollection of the trip over, but one bit of definite feedback I got years to come was of the Cotton Bread Pumpulileipa , as a reference to the unbelievably fluty texture of the white Canadian bread. I was 15 when my parents and closest brother crossed the border on a hot, sunny August day at North Portal, Saskatchewan.

We were landed immigrants, Americans from Wisconson. We were no strangers to being expatriots, and in , I had spent most of my life outside of the U. After four years back in the States, Moving to Canada was another adventure. It was all so clean and Fresh in my mind. So much the same, but different never the less. By I was a Canadian, what a good decision. Queen Frederica, March Image courtesy of the Brana family.

It was all done within the course of a flight and the 30 minutes in the airport. That was it. And that was me, at that point, a permanent resident of Canada and it was like: wow! This is, this is it! So, no, there was nothing to hold me back. Unidentified evacuee children on board the S. Bayano, August Italian immigrants on board the T.

Nea Hellas, spring I came to Canada I lived in Regina. I am happy to visit in Moose Jaw Museum. I am proud to live in Canada I am from Somalia. Image courtesy of the Barnett Family. Canadian and British naval servicemen on board the H. Whitehall, circa Ascania, December While we sailed away from Ireland I stood at the stern of the ship and watched Ireland disappear over the horizon, a sad moment.

During the crossing of the North Atlantic, I was standing at the rail of the ship with an old English fellow, who was a farmer from Saskatchewan returning home to Canada he had emigrated many years before we were looking out over the water and that's all you could see in any direction. I said to him "boy that's a lot of water" and he said "yeah and that's only the top. The year was as the ship pulled away from the docks of Naples. Leaving family, friends and possessions; Vincenzo Armenti said goodbye to his homeland. He also left behind memories of unemployment and destitution in a country still suffering from a devastating war.

He set out for Canada in hopes of finding prosperity with a chance to work and earn money so his family could have a better life other than the certain poverty they faced in Italy. Ascania, Red Cross nurses during the Second World War. The Netherlands is our country of birth and always will be our homeland but now we are Canadian. We will be forever grateful to the staff and all who were, and are now, associated with Pier We were grateful for the roof over our heads and no one complained….

We immigrated to Canada about a year ago and our first impression of the Canadians was how friendly and welcoming they treated us! Canada is such a great country and we are glad being part of it. At first the soft white sliced bread tasted like cake to me. I came to Canada from Brazil when I was 5 years old. I remember I had to leave all my xmas gifts and friends behind in Rio. It was very hard. Also, we arrived in winter and found it hard to breath the cold air.

I had to teach myself how to inhale short breaths to be able to take in the cold! One thing I can smell even today was the Wonder Sliced Bread. Eventually the Customs and Immigration people were done processing us and we were free to leave the area. Schultz family on board the S. Fairsea, 4 Dec My father had left everything and everybody that he knew to give his family an opportunity at a better life.

Gold Rush Curriculum - Overview

It worked. Pier 21, , by photographer Ken Elliot. Zoratti family on board the S. Homeland, June Life is hard for newcomers in Canada, but we enjoy every minute we spend together here. Now we have a lot of friends and we are helping new immigrants with their adaptation in Vancouver. The situation was dire and they could not turn back to look for her.

All they could do was cry and pray that a kind family would help her. Two weeks later, a man who was asking them to share their meagre food told them of a young girl in the yard with newspaper wrapped around her shoes.

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Needless to say, all were joyful to share supper that night…and many since. My parents immigrated from Poland and Ukraine. I was so lucky to be born in Canada. One of my funniest memories," Bette continued, "was the day we landed at Halifax. We were so eager to get off the boat but they told us that the train had already left. When we finally departed, every time the train stopped we all jumped off and mailed letters to our husbands to let them know we were coming. We thought the letter would arrive the next day same as in Britain!

Other Californians

We had no idea. I am a black Jamaican — Canadian. An immigration officer in Toronto told me to seek a job as a domestic, as I would never get one as a teacher. I laughed at him. I did work happily in my profession for 32 years. I have 3 medals for community contributions, plus numerous awards. Thanks, Canada. I arrived in We have had a wonderful life in this country. My brothers and sisters join me in saying, Thank you Canada - definitely the land of opportunity! I felt wonderful to be in a new country. With all the hardships we went trough, my parents never complained.

Every year got better and better. Canada is a great country. We all love our new homeland, its people and open spaces. From the seven people that arrived on Pier 21 on May 15th, , we are now 57 proud Canadians. Thank You Canada!!! Your anthem dearest Canada we sing with pride and thanks From the heart of all the immigrants who landed on your banks. Our family came aboard the ship they call the Volendam In nineteen hundred fifty one, a Canadian to become.

Baltic refugees on board the Parnu. Damiani family with Officers on board the S. Adjusting to life in Canada was a bit challenging in the first couple of months but I soon started meeting people and learning about the culture, going to university and being part of the community,.

I was also highly amazed at the way Corn Flakes was packed and served in individual cut-open boxes. Finally I was diagnosed as having measles and released from quarantine and "landed" on Apr 5, A long train trip brought us to Ajax to what seemed to be a POW camp with barbed wire around it. From there we were directed to our destinations, my mother and I to Orillia in Ontario. Thus, my arrival to Canada, never to be regretted. Doppenberg family on board the S. I never learned which of the original 13 colonies they were baptized by. When the server came around with this bread, we didn't know what to think.

We surely thought we would not be able to swallow it since we couldn't crunch it in our teeth. We thought it may get stuck in our throat! The day was cold and grey. Finally, there was Canada on the horizon and we were soon going to go ashore to our new country. For a child, it couldn't get better then this - the adventure and excitement just kept coming. If I ever make it back to Halifax, there's no way that I'd miss visiting Pier Thanks for the site! Fannie, my cat, my mom, my dad, my jewellery, my plushies, my Harry Potter things. I would bring my husband and a positive attitude.

Canada was part of our greatest journey on this earth, being welcomed in this land gave us the freedom to shape us into individuals that have contributed much, and so therefore, the sacrifice of leaving our native land, facing many trials and overcoming many hurdles, says it all for us and our posterity. I was born in Denmark and raised in Jylland. As a teen-ager I was endowed with an adventurous spirit; as I read stories of pioneering in Canada, I determined that I would someday emigrate to that country. I moved to Canada when I was 16 It was hard at first, but people here are nice.

I am now Canadian citizen. Thank-You Canada for making this Beautiful country my Home for me and my beautiful family. And Thank You for making it all possible. Passengers on board the S. Conte Biancamano, August Bring your open spirit, love of life and tolerance of all peoples. Share your culture, history and story to enrich Canadian fabric and society. Thank you Canada, thank you dear Canadian friends, who helped us to feel here completely at home. Wartime bread was grey and heavy and tasted like cardboard. Everything here was delicious.

As time passed we came to grow in this land, and, if the truth be known, the land came to grow in us. Wy binne gelokkich we are blessed. In , over sixty years ago, Canadian representatives of the Immigration and Employment Department came to Malta to select young tradesmen to immigrate to Canada.

I, Lewis Borg, was one of the select to immigrate. Bottos family with group on board the S. I give thanks for Canada because Canada helped me and family to start life again and also thanks to everyone who helped the Syrian people to stop bloodshed. I hope with all my heart to live in Canada lasting peace and getting stronger ever time.

Recent Titles

Mohammad October 13, Our agreed time to work and save as a family was up. I began saving for my wedding. Displaced people on board the S. Origins Unknown. We were lead to other tables and received our fist nourishment on Canadian soil. Many were still seasick and the texture of the nourishment did not help.

Compared to European wieners, the hot dogs were tasteless and the mustard too sweet. Along with the hot dog came a slice of white, square pieces of tasteless sponge. All of us, used to European rye bread or white rolls, did not recognize it as a standard Canadian bread. Refugees from the S. I hungrily bit into the slice that was offered and I got the first shock in this new country.

As soon as it was legally possible, we became Canadians. Canada became our country and we love Canada. We had our first corn flakes and potatoes with the skin on my mother always peeled the potatoes. Bacon and eggs, Canadian style, went down very well. My mother insisted we eat all the food, to show our appreciation. The prairies were dreary in March and seemed to go on forever and ever given we had come from a country that one could cross by car or train in a matter of hours.

The big surprise came in the middle of one night when our father shook us all awake and told us to look at the mountains. I rolled over in the berth and looked out and saw rock walls, then I rolled on my back and far above us, shining in the moonlight, were snow-covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Denmark's "Heaven Mountain" is a whole meters high - these mountain peaks were beyond imagining. Red Cross, My first feelings about Canada, Halifax and the new world, were a mixture of confusion, terror and curiosity.

While on board the Britannic waiting to dock I became aware of the requirement that upon arrival we were to be taken to a "hall". To my Hungarian ears that notion sounded unusual. You see in Hungarian, "Hal" with one "L" means "fish", so I imagined that we were all to be taken into a giant fish! And the smells upon arrival at Halifax did not do much to convince me otherwise.

I believe that Canada has given us the opportunity to become something meaningful of ourselves and contribute to the success of the community and to the Great country of Canada. My parents died in Penticton, BC in February within three days of each other. Fate had brought them together at the right time and in the right country. I owe a great debt to both of them and to Canada. We were the only ones on the ship not ill. It was the Canadian Red Cross that came to our aid when our house in London was bomb damaged during the war.

I was 11 years of age and vividly remember the boxes of clothing and food they delivered to our door. I promised myself that I would go to Canada one day. My parents, brother and I would like to thank the Canadian government and its people for allowing us to be part of them, and we are. May God Bless this beautiful land called Canada. I arrived in Canada on July 1st, on Canada Day and it was very, very meaningful. In South America, we believe in signs and for me was a good sign that, that everything was going to be okay. Fortunately my story has a happy ending. Mom and Dad worked had to improve the family way of life.

If Pier 21 could talk it could tell many stories. I am indeed glad that now that the docks are often lined with cruise boats rather than immigrant ships. Our country recognizes the important role in history that it played over many decades. Certainly Pier 21 is an important marker in my life's journey. I immigrated with my family my dad, mom, and two brothers , we all were thrilled and amazed by the green beautiful nature of Halifax upon the landing of the plane. It was the best day of our lives, our reasons for immigrating were many but mostly, a home! We were looking for a place to settle in a safe, friendly and peaceful place to call home, I'm glad that place was Canada for us.

I never found those gold nuggets, however, Canada gave me more than gold. This is an immeasurable country, full of opportunities. God Bless this land. I moved to Canada when I was two years old. We came from the Netherlands - the memories I have are sitting in the airport in Toronto and refusing to move, and the mud in our new home in Fox Creek, Alberta. For our train trip, we were given ten dollars per person to get us to our destination, enough to buy that pure soft cottony white bread we had never seen before.

As soon as we landed at Toronto airport, that was amazing the peace and the comfort, I had in my heart, in my body, I cannot explain, I was just standing outside the airport and I was just shivering, like oh my God, so finally we are in Canada. Greek Hellenic youth, Image courtesy of the Delefes family. My mother decided that our first meal would simply be wieners and mashed potatoes, since, indeed, we had problems locating ingredients for a fancier meal. The wieners seemed rather short, and when we got home and boiled them, we also discovered that they were neither as tasty nor as firm as Danish wieners.

However, our greatest disappointment was with the mustard, which looked exactly like European mustard, but which was probably the worst brand of mustard that we had ever encountered. As we were later to discover, that was our first introduction to peanut butter.

The sights and sounds of Pier 21 will remain with me forever. I felt closer to my parents and grandmother than ever before because I was able to share in this memorable experience. This was truly a great day for Canada and for me. If California was an exciting and hospitable place for newcomers, it no longer served the needs of groups that had lived there before the Gold Rush.

Every year, illness and armed skirmishes took their toll on the Native Americans in the state. The Spanish, Mexicans, and mission fathers had confined their activities to the coast, and the tribes and clans inland had suffered comparatively little by contact with Europeans. However, the Gold Rush took prospectors and peddlers precisely to the mountains where Native Americans had earlier lived in peace.

The Indians now suffered not only from the spread of disease and violence at the hands of prospectors and settlers but also from the white Americans' greed for land. The newcomers seldom honored any legal safeguards for the tribes under Mexican deeds, and the Natives were not even safe on reservations set aside for them by the government.

If whites wanted the lands for gold mining or other purposes, the tribes found themselves shunted to even more desolate reservations. And every year, the expanding network of railroads brought more whites closer to the lands of California's native peoples. Californians of Mexican origin did not face exile to reservations or large scale campaigns of extermination, but their place in California society was also irrevocably changed by the Gold Rush and its consequences.

In the early s, Hispanic rancheros thrived, as tens of thousands of new residents eagerly bade for the fresh meat their herds of cattle offered. Miners of Hispanic background fared less well. In the minefields, anti-Mexican prejudice often took a violent turn, and many Mexican and Chilean miners left California after the first few years of the Gold Rush. In the long run, Mexican Californian ranchers did no better. Disputes over the validity of the Mexican and Spanish land grants quickly ate up the fortunes of most of these families.

Even when United States courts eventually ruled in their favor, the costs of keeping a case alive over ten or twenty years were devastating. After the Gold Rush, California ceased to be a land of opportunity for further Mexican immigration, and the number of Hispanic Californians remained relatively constant in the face of exploding white immigration.